[Staff Application - HELPER - brokenhouse - ACCEPTED]

Here you can apply to be a staff member for the server.
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[Staff Application - HELPER - brokenhouse - ACCEPTED]

Postby brokenhouse » Thu May 18, 2017 1:57 pm


In-game name(s): Benz_Underwood

Real life age: 12

Location & Timezone: Netherlands, GMT+2

Highest IN-GAME level: 0

Why do you want to be a MG-RP Helper?: To revive the server, and help new players so they will be interested in joining as they get help with joining.

What makes you more qualified than others?: More activity!

Have you ever been in trouble in the past, on MG-RP?: No.

Do you have and or work on any projects related to Roleplay?: I roleplay alot, but I do not have any projects.

How long have you been playing on MG-RP: 15 minutes since I posted this.

How long have you been role playing on SA:MP: About 1 month.

Have you ever been a part of a testing or development team before?: No, but on other games, yes.

Do you write and understand English fluently?: Yes.

Manny made a complaint (IG REPORT) on "Mark_Wilson" saying that he was being DM'd by him back at Idlewood Gas Station. How would you deal with this situation?: I would ask him/her: Who DM'ed you? and then I would ask him to take pictures, and report it to an admin.

An administrator decided it was O.K. to spawn in firearms for himself and abuse his admin powers. How would you deal with this situation?: I would tell him not to kill anyone, and if he does, I would report it to a staff member.
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Re: [Staff Application - HELPER - brokenhouse - ACCEPTED]

Postby Zoneo » Thu May 18, 2017 4:22 pm

Staff Applications
Congratulations brokenhouse, you have been ACCEPTED into the staff team.

Please check your private messages for more information.

Magnet Gaming Roleplay Community,
Magnet Roleplay Management Team.


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