Los Santos Police Department || Firearms License Information [OPEN]

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Los Santos Police Department || Firearms License Information [OPEN]

Postby Pomeranian » Sat Jan 07, 2017 4:22 pm

Los Santos Police Department
Firearms License Application

PFL Recruitment Status
Personal Firearm License(PFL) Application Status is currently

Please do take note that applying when the application status is CLOSED can result to an automatic denial with no hesitation. You will have to wait until the application status is back online.

What is a PFL
A Personal Firearm License(PFL) is a license that permits its owner to purchase and store a single weapon or more in their place of residence or business legally for the purpose of self defense, hunting, or sports.

Criteria For Application
    A person wishing to apply for a PFL must:
  • Be at least 22 years old;
  • Be a legal citizen of San Andreas;
  • Possess a good reason for obtaining the license;
  • Possess a valid Driver's License;
  • Pay a fee of $10,000;
  • (( Be level 3 or higher in game ))

PFL Application Process
  • Prior to applying for a PFL, the applicant must read all the relevant documentation. This includes the Personal Firearm License Regulations.
  • The applicant must then submit their application, ensuring that all the necessary fields have been completed properly.
  • Once submitted, the application will be reviewed by a Captain or up ((R12+)) as soon as practicable.
  • The application will then be accepted, pended, denied, or banned, depending whether or not the applicant made any errors. If the application is accepted, it will be reviewed by a senior Firearms Licensing Officer and will be approved, pended, denied, or banned.
  • If the application is approved by the senior officer, it will be verified ready for distribution and the applicant will be required to pay the monetary fee of $10,000((OOCly ticketed $10,000)). Once done, the license will be issued to the applicant and the application process will be concluded.

Personal Firearm License Regulations
  • Must not purchase firearms for any other person.
  • Must not use their firearm for any other purposes than the ones stated in their application.
  • Must not allow others to use their firearm under any circumstances.
  • Must not be under the influence of any substance (e.g. pharmaceutical drugs or alcohol) when in possession of a firearm nor be under the influence prior to obtaining possession of a firearm.
  • Must not remove the firearm from its storage unless required to do so.
  • Must not assist peace officers with their duties using a firearm.
  • Must ensure that their firearm is properly cleaned, and has any safety options activated unless the firearm is in use.
  • Must immediately identify themselves as a license holder if they are detained by an officer and if they are at the time of detainment in possession of a firearm.
  • When detained by a law enforcement officer, must surrender their firearm for the duration of the detainment if asked to do so, and shall have it returned when released from custody.
  • (( Must not purchase firearms for any other person. This is a ban worthy offence. ))

Personal Firearm License Application Format
    Title: Firstname Lastname [PFL]

Code: Select all

[b][size=150]Los Santos Police Department
Firearms License Application
[Surname, Forname][/size][/b][/centre]
[img]http://i.imgur.com/dUCxWca.png[/img] [size=130][b]Section 1: Personal Information[/b][/size]

[list][b]01. Surname:[/b] Lastname
[b]02. Forename:[/b] Firstname

[b]03. City and County of Residence:[/b] City, County
[b]04. Country of Citizenship:[/b] Country
[b]05. Date of Birth:[/b] DD/MMM/YYYY

[b]06.[/b] [color=#2E5894][b][IF US][/b][/color] [b]City, County, State of Birth:[/b] City, County, State
[b]07.[/b] [color=#2E5894][b][IF NON-US][/b][/color] [b]City, Country of Birth:[/b] City, Country

[b]08. Height:[/b] FT' IN"
[b]09. Weight:[/b] XYZ lbs.
[b]10. Eye Color:[/b] Color
[b]11. Hair Color:[/b] Color
[b]12. Gender (tick):[/b] Male/Female
[b]13. Race (tick):[/b] White/Black/Hispanic/Asian/Other

[b]14. Residence Address:[/b]
[b]15. Contact Number:[/b] 1111111
[b]16. Occupation:[/b] Occupation

[b]20. Do you now possess a valid San Andreas driver's license?No/Yes [/list]

[img]http://i.imgur.com/dUCxWca.png[/img][size=130]Section 2: Rules and Restrictions[/size]

[list][b]The licensee is responsible for all liability for, injury to, or death of any person, or damage to any property which may result through any act or omission of either the licensee or the agency that issued the license. In the event any claim, suit, or action is brought against the agency that issued the license, its chief officer or any of its employees, by reason of, or in connection with any such act or omission, the licensee shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the agency that issued the license, its chief officer or any of its employees from such claim, suit, or action.

I hereby certify under penalties of perjury that the answers I have given are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and that I understand and agree to the provisions, conditions, and restrictions herein or otherwise imposed.[/b]

I, Forename Surname, hereby declare that I have read and understood the restrictions, and understand the consequences that follow should I violate the license rules and restrictions.


[img]http://i.imgur.com/dUCxWca.png[/img] [size=130][b](( Section 3: Out of Character ))[/b][/size]

[list][b]01. Screenshot of Character Statistics (/stats):[/b] [url=LINK TO SCREENSHOT]ACCESS[/url]

[b]03. MG:RP Forum Name:[/b] [url=MGRP_PROFILE_LINK]MGRP_FORUM_NAME[/url]

[b]04. License abuse is a serious issue, and is considered a [color=#2E5894]ban-worthy offence[/color]. You must only ever be in possession of ONE of each weapon you have applied for and can not mass store or stockpile weapons in any way whatsoever. You must also NOT give ANY firearm to ANY other individual for any purposes, for example, the sale of license-bought firearms. This includes storing firearms so that they may be willfully stolen by those you know.

Please state below, in your own words (copying may lead to a ban from applying), that you are aware of these regulations and the consequences that will follow if they are violated:[/b]

LSPD Chief of Police((R20)) [Leadership by Alvar Fernandez]

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