[Staff Application - HELPER - Pomeranian - ACCEPTED]

Here you can apply to be a staff member for the server.
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[Staff Application - HELPER - Pomeranian - ACCEPTED]

Postby Pomeranian » Sat Jan 07, 2017 4:22 am


In-game name(s): John_Rosenberg

Real life age: 17

Location & Timezone: GMT +8

Highest IN-GAME level: 3

Why do you want to be a MG-RP Helper?: I want to qualify as a MGRP helper since I have experienced being one as so. I want to introduce new players at the same time inviting more. If I get this position, I'll try my best not to fail the server for doing so means failing my own reputation.

What makes you more qualified than others?: I stand qualified than the others because I have this ability of mine to think straight and think clear when answering questions made by players

Have you ever been in trouble in the past, on MG-RP?: No, I haven't.

Do you have and or work on any projects related to Roleplay?: No, but I will try.

How long have you been playing on MG-RP: First day but I already am at the 3rd level

How long have you been role playing on SA:MP: 3-4 years ago

Have you ever been a part of a testing or development team before?: No, I haven't.

Do you write and understand English fluently?: Yes, indeed. I do

Manny made a complaint (IG REPORT) on "Mark_Wilson" saying that he was being DM'ed by him back at Idlewood Gas Station. How would you deal with this situation?:First, if they are arguing, I'd calm them down first, telling them that the situation will soon be solved fair and square. Then, if I have done that, I will ask evidences by both the accused and the plaintiff. One by one, in every evidence, I'll let the accused in the evidence defend himself. With enough evidences, there will be a time when the accused is speechless or doesn't have an explanation. If this is so, the accused will be announced guilty. If the accused is still standing after all evidences are shown, I will have to ask for witnesses. If the witness can give a good explanation against the accused, the accused will be announced guilty. If there are no witnesses, the verdict will be decided on how both parties explain themselves.

An administrator decided it was O.K. to spawn in firearms for himself and abuse his admin powers. How would you deal with this situation?: First off, ask about how sure he is on his decision. This is to make sure the administrator is final with his saying and will continue the scenario. If he is, then that's one evidence/screenshot for me. I'd act as if I agree with him. When I do this, the administrator thinks I'm on his side and now trusts me. This will be easy to take evidences for an admin complaint. When the administrator now has his guns, there'll be a big chance he'll show it off to me. That's another evidence/screenshot from me. Now, what's the use of the gun if he won't be using it for something? I will then ask to go with him. Once he does the ultimate abuse, that's another evidence/screenshot from me. With a total of 3 screenshots enough to prove myself.

At least that's how I do it.
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Re: [Staff Application - HELPER - Pomeranian]

Postby Zoneo » Sat Jan 07, 2017 12:39 pm

Staff Applications
Congratulations Pomeranian, you have been ACCEPTED into the staff team.

Please check your private messages for more information.

Magnet Gaming Roleplay Community,
Magnet Roleplay Management Team.


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