Report a Player Format

This forum is for reporting players for breaching our rules.
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Report a Player Format

Postby Zoneo » Wed Jul 06, 2016 6:13 am

If a player has broken our rules then you can report them here. Please create a new topic in this forum with the name of the player you're reporting as the subject.

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[b]Player you are reporting: [/b] Answer-here.
[b]Date and Time of Incident: [/b] Answer-here.
[b]Your In-Game name: [/b] Answer-here.
[b]Why did the player break a rule?: [/b]
[b]Witnesses: [/b] Answer-here.
[b]Evidence: [/b] Answer-here.

Player you are reporting: Answer-here
Date and Time of Incident: Answer-here

Your In-Game name: Answer-here.

Why did the player break a rule?:
Witnesses: Answer-here.
Evidence: Answer-here.


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